Trusting God

In my previous post, I mentioned writing a post about trusting God. This is Wednesday and we are camping in Pigeon Forge. In the last post I talked about last week and how hectic it was with all the work going on at the house. I was really looking forward to a relaxing week at the campground but first I would have to do a little trusting myself.

We  came over Monday morning and Theresa, my wife, was tickled to death to finally be on the road to vacation.  We got here around 1:00 pm and started to set the camper up. We have what is called a pop up camper. It folds down for towing and then you use a winch on the front to raise the top up. The ends slide out and make two beds. Actually pretty nice when you get it set up.  Just as we started to set up Monday, the top raised about two inches and then the cable broke. That  was not good.  I called a  couple of RV  repair places in Sevierville and it seems that no one works on pop up campers. One guy did recommend a huge dealership in Knoxville out next to the airport and I called them. The person on the phone there asked what kind of camper I had and I told him it was a Flagstaff pop up. He said they had never heard of Flagstaff so I figured they must be new in the business. They were no help at all. So after all this I finally got down under the camper to check this out  myself. It was here that I finally made a smart move. I prayed. I asked God to help me figure out  what  to do to get the camper top up so that Theresa and I could stay a  few days and relax. Then I got up and thought that I would call the place where we bought the camper 12 years ago.  They were really nice but they don’t work on pop ups either.  Go  figure.  They did have a name of a guy in Morristown that replaces the cables and I plan to call him when we get home. They also suggested a way to be able to raise the top up. They said all I needed to do was to raise the top a little, put  in some blocks of  wood, raise the top some more, put in more wood etc… until we got enough slack in the cable to get it started  back on the  winch. Sounded good but all the wood blocks I had were at home. Some family and friends stopped by to help but we couldn’t get the top up very far. I  told them that  according to the Bible the steps of a righteous man are ordered of the Lord and since this wasn’t working out I must not be stepping in the right place. We were headed home to see what God might have for us there.  Whenever we have problems, we should pray, thank God for the problem, and then trust that God will take care of us. 

Discouraged and disappointed,  I went to the office to see if  I could  get a refund and just head back home and try later. At that exact time, George Henry and his family who happen to be from Rogersville where we live, were in the office checking in.  His wife Jill works at TRW and runs the same job I do just on another shift.  He heard me asking for a refund and asked what was wrong.  I gave him a quick rundown and then he said that if I wanted to wait for him to drop his camper at their site, he would help me AND HE HAD A LOT  OF  WOOD BLOCKS THAT MIGHT HELP. Remember, the wood blocks are what I needed. We picked  up the top,  put some wood under, picked up the other end,  put some wood  under. And soon, we  had enough slack in the cable to get it started back around the winch and we are camping. Praise the Lord! 

I  had a problem, so I prayed. God knew I would need some wood bloocks and He also knew George was on the way with the wood blocks.  Then He had me to call our dealer so that I would know I needed the wood  blocks.  Last, He had  me  in the  office  at the  same  time as George so  I  would know  the  blocks  were  here. If  I had let my anger and disappointment rule that day, I would have left and missed George,  missed  the blessing God was working on, and totally missed a much needed and appreciated week of relaxation.

Trust  in the Lord  with  all your  heart and do not lean  on your own understanding, in all your  ways acknowledge Him  and He will  make straight  your  paths. Proverbs  3:5-6 

Have a God day, they are so much better!