What is the will of God?

I don’t know the number of books that have been written on this subject, but I would guess they would number in the  hundreds and even maybe thousands. And most of them are written with good Biblical advice about finding and doing the will of God.

Sometimes I think that we overlook the obvious.  It’s like the old saying we can’t see the forest for the trees. We want some big job to do that will set us apart and then we can say that we are doing the will of God. Something that no one else can do and that will prove that this is the will of God and show us to be in the right place at the right time. Walking with God.  Doing His will.

As a Christian we should all want this to be true about our lives. The problem is that we look for God’s will in the wrong place, way and time. The book of 1 Peter has some good practical simple advice that all of us need to remember. Basically, it’s summed up in one verse.

For it is God’s will  that you, by doing good, silence the ignorance of foolish people.

The second chapter and the 15th verse sums it up. Notice that it simply says “by doing good” and it doesn’t really identify good. We want to put boundaries on when we do good. When someone else treats us right, we do good. When things go our way, we do good. When it benefits us, we do good.

But what about when things are going bad. When someone treats us badly. On those days when no matter how hard you try, things just go terribly wrong. It’s hard during those times to do good. But that is what fits God’s will. That by doing good, you silence the ignorance of foolish people. By trusting God, we show our faith. By letting God be God, we affirm our belief that he is in control. 

To me it’s important that Peter didn’t put limits on doing good. He didn’t say when things are going good, do good. Likewise, he didn’t say when things are going bad, be tough, hang in there and do good.  He simply said “by doing good. “ That makes it simple to me. I am to do good. Regardless of my situation, I am to do good. That makes it hard, but I guess that is why it’s there. The only way I can do good at all times is by trusting and walking with God in a relationship that is so close that I do good by following and not thinking. Thinking always gets me in trouble.

What about the part about silencing the ignorance of foolish people? For me the question is more like this. “Do you want to reach people for Jesus? “   Most of the time, reaching people for Jesus and making a difference in this world is at the heart of someone seeking the will of God. By doing good, which is God’s will, we will le t them see our faith. We will show through our actions what we believe in our hearts. We will make Jesus real to a world that really needs Him. 

This photo shows a horse just standing in the middle of a field eating. This horse horseseems to be content and photos like these usually remind us of  a peaceful setting. All is well with the world when we see a scene like this. When we learn to stand where God has placed us, content with what God has given us, doing good, I suspect we will find that we are in the center of God’s will. Pleasing to Him and showing those He has placed in our lives our faith. As some once said “Preach the gospel every day—but only use words when necessary!”