Do You Own Your Possessions?

Sounds  a little like a really stupid question. You may be thinking “Boy, Dale’s lost it this time. Of course I own my possessions. After all, they’re mine and who else would own them.” ( or something similar to that)

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about living this life in view of eternity. Our Sunday School lessons have been bringing out that thought the last few weeks. We tend to live with the idea that we are supposed to have possessions and make lots of money and a big house and so forth. We are supposed to be wealthy and enjoy life, cars, boats, campers, motorcycles, and lots of other stuff.  How many times have you said I earned that or I deserve that? If you are honest, lots of times. In fact, I would bet that that’s the number 1 excuse we use when we are making a decision about buying another toy or bigger house. I agree that nowhere in the Bible does it teach that being wealthy and having things is wrong. But it does teach that when we focus on the stuff of this world, and not on God, we are making a big mistake. Hence the problem, we allow things to have us. That’s where the question comes from. Do you own your possessions, or do they own you?

Consider for a moment this passage from Luke 12:13-21. Someone from the crowd asked Jesus to tell his brother to share the inheritance with him. Jesus responded with a statement about greed.

He then told them, “watch out and be on guard against all greed because one’s life is not in the abundance of his possessions.”- Luke 12:15

Our life is not in the abundance of our possessions? What about the saying that the one that dies with the most toys wins? Or our attitude that we are successful only if we have cars, homes, boats, motorcycles, swimming pools, etc…… You get the idea. I also hope you noticed that this goes completely against the way we tend to think. But then Jesus was radical like that. He came from a different world and had a different vision. The only way we can hope to have His vision is to give up ours. We spend most of our lives planning what we are going to do next. What we are going to buy? Trips we are going to take and etc…. Again, nothing wrong with buying stuff and going places, but if that is what drives us, then we have a problem.

Wonder what would happen if we suddenly, and I mean Christians, developed the eternal view that Jesus had. He wasn’t concerned with building a home, or a career. He was focused on the task at hand. The reason God placed Him here was to seek and to save those which are lost. Now some of you may be thinking that Jesus knew he only had 33 years and that He was going to die. After all, He did talk about that a lot. But aren’t we also going to die?

Maybe that’s the problem. We think that this vapor we call life is where our lives consist. We have no eternal view. What would happen if we suddenly started to view things here as temporary and the things of heaven as eternal? How would that change your schedule? Your desires? Your plans? This has hit me as hard as anyone. I am human also and want to have the best things, a big house, a fine car, etc… All things that can be gone is an instant. Sometimes I wonder if all the storms that we see now days are just reminders that are meant to let us know just how temporary this life is. Then I wonder if and when we will ever start getting it?

Just my thoughts on this subject. Have a great day and know that Jesus loves ya, died for you, and lives for you!