Friday Night In Red Valley

I decided to try my hand and camera at capturing the look and feel of Friday night football in Red Valley. The Cherokee Chiefs were playing and it was a beautiful evening and that helped me to get this shot. The children in the photo had been playing and I thought the chairs they had set out would be a nice addition, but having them sitting there watching the game was a bonus. Hope you enjoy and feel free to leave a comment. The image is the result of 5 different images stacked together. The first was 2 stops under exposed, then the second was 1 stop underexposed. Third was correctly exposed and the last two were 1 over and then 2 over. Then the images were stacked in photoshop. By taking several images at different exposures, I was able to capture the range of lights that were visible. I tried to take all 5 images while the teams were lined up for a kickoff. But I still got some ghosting of the players due to movement. But it was fun trying and I’ll have to try again someday.

Friday Night in Red Valley
Watching The Game