Which Came First…..

Friday, February 24, 2012. 6:45 am and it’s 65 degrees outside. That wouldn’t sound too farfetched fo someone living way down south in the tropics. But here in Tennessee that’s a little strange. Especially the mountains of East Tennessee. As I look out at the back yard it won’t be long till it’s going to need mowing. This isn’t a real problem and I’m not really complaining, but it’s different. Usually in February we have to hunker down and get through some cold weather. But not this year. This year has been a short sleeve winter. It’s been cold for a while and then just warms right back up. The last two days we have seen strong winds, lightening and lots of thunder. Actually we didn’t see the thunder, but we heard it. And the lightening was the all the way to the ground type. I remember when I was growing up that according to all the old wives tales, if it stormed during the winter months, it meant something would happen in the next 30 days. Can’t remember what, but as I recall, it’s not good. I think it means that there will be a big snow or frost or cold spell, which with it being winter, is not really that bad of a bet. It’s kind of like predicting that the wind will blow strong during the hurricane season in the Gulf region. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

I hope everyone is having a good winter and has been safe and warm or cool if you live where it’s warm. One blessing for us during this mild winter is that this is the winter that the heat pump decided to break. So that was a blessing for us, not because it broke, but because it broke during a warm season in a mild winter. Sometimes God works in small ways to bless us. We just need to look. For those who may think that  a heat pump breaking is not a blessing, remember that heat pumps break from time to time. They are mechanical and as such will break down and need repairs. The fact that it happened during a warm spell is the blessing.

Now, here’s a which came first type question. Did God make the heat pump run till the weather warmed up or did he warm the weather up when the heat pump broke? I honestly don’t know, but somehow He worked it out and it broke at a good time and now it’s repaired ready for cold weather again. I just choose to look for the little blessings that God provides.

Have a great day and God bless you!