Downtown Rogersville

One of the areas that has always grabbed my attention is street photography. The images are usually a photo of people who are not aware of a photographer and they are just going about their day. Whether it’s walking on a beach, sitting on a park bench or attending a public gathering, the shots attempt to capture a moment in time.

Living in Rogersville, I don’t get the opportunity for images like that often. Most people are busy going here and there and don’t usually stop to just take in the day or just hang out for a moment.

Today, I got the opportunity to photograph a gentleman who comes to Rogersville often and he usually is just walking through. You’ll see him several places around town and I’ve never seen him drive a car and he always has a couple of bags with him. So I took the opportunity and made a few images of this interesting person. I tried to capture a moment in time and then give it a special look that I hope will help you see moments like this differently in the future.  I believe that we all tell a story even when we aren’t talking. I hope you enjoy them.

1 thought on “Downtown Rogersville

  1. Really neat. I’ve seen this man traveling alot, even in Kingsport, to Rogersville. You captured the day here.


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