Hunter’s Cheeseburger

As I mentioned in the last post, I was in Murfreesboro Tn a couple of weeks ago. I have a niece who lives there and one of her sons was getting married. So we are just lounging around the hotel Saturday waiting on time to go to the wedding, when I get word that Hunter, the youngest son of my niece, wanted me to try one of his favorite foods while I was there. It was a doughnut cheeseburger. I had heard of these creatures but had never seen one myself. So after thinking about it I decided I had to try one and see what it was all about.

Just down the street from our hotel I found the restaurant that Hunter had mentioned. I went inside and told the guy that I had heard they served a doughnut cheeseburger. He just smiled and said “so, do you want one?”. Being filled with a mixture of dread and excitement, I simply replied yes. He then cut a doughnut in half and placed it on the grill. Two hamburger patties were next. Cheese, onions and all the rest came also. Then when it was time, he placed all these ingredients together and made my doughnut cheeseburger.

Doughnut CheesburgerI took it back to the hotel and went room to room (only the rooms of the people I knew) and showed them my prize. Then I went to my room and sat down to try this thing that Hunter loved so much. To my surprise, it was pretty tasty. A little on the sweet side but overall not too bad. I did share it with some of the others so I didn’t get the impact of eating the whole thing, but it was pretty good. I don’t think I would eat one every day, but it was pretty tasty. Thanks to Hunter for suggesting it and if you have an opportunity, please give it a try. You just might like it.