Early morning

I was just getting up and beginning to get my wits about myself when I heard the lawn mowers outside. The guys showed up early today. They wanted to get an early start to their day, so they did.

Now they are gone. They went to other jobs that were waiting. And I’m here with my morning routine completely rearranged. I’ll be ok, just have to restart my day.

That’s how life is. We get com cc zfortable with our routine, then something happens and our routine is tossed out because life has thrown us a curve. We respond to whatever life has thrown at us and deal with it. Then later we get settled into another routine. It may be different than the old one, but it’s still a routine.

In my life, I’ve had lots of curves come along. Things would be moving along just fine then something would happen and all my plans would be gone. People die, jobs change, your health changes, and there’s many more things that can happen.

That’s why I’m glad to have Jesus in my life. He helps pick me up, dusts me off and helps me to get back on the right path for my life. He doesn’t magically take away the pain and suffering, but he helps me to go through the pain and suffering. He lifts me up. He cares for me.

I didn’t mean to post anything this morning. But isn’t it great how that a little routine interruption caused this small testimony to be here. I hope you gave a blessed day.

It’s a wonderful day!