My Personal Lighthouse

Photo by Anand Dandekar on

Isn’t it pretty? There’s something about a lighthouse scene that is relaxing and peaceful. The waters are calm, the sky is gorgeous and even the rocks around the lighthouse seem to be inviting you to sit and relax as you ponder the big things of life. Or at least that’s what this scene does for me.

But what if I was in a ship just off the shore in the middle of the night. And just for our thoughts, what if it was stormy and very dark. I’ve been in darkness so dark you could not literally see your hand in front of your face even though you knew it was there. Then the scene changes. The lighthouse becomes only a light that shines in the darkness. You can’t see the choppy waters or the rocks that threaten to attack your boat or even make your boat crash. But you see the light and you know by the light where you are.

That’s a pretty good visual of a Christian life. At least my Christian life. I’ll be cruising along enjoying the trip and then a storm comes up. Suddenly it gets dark and I find myself not knowing which way to turn. BUT, if I can remember to look up to Jesus, then just like the lighthouse, Jesus is the light shining INTO my darkness. He takes care of me and leads me to safety. Everytime. He’s never failed and He won’t ever fail me.

Jesus Christ is my personal lighthouse.

Do you know Jesus? He will do the same for you. Have a good day.