Meet Thor & Charli

I promised my granddaughter that I would post about her and her dog Thor.

Charli & Thor

Thor is a Daschund through and through. He runs in circles, barks at almost any noise. And it’s really close to his birthday which is July 3rd. As you can see Thor and Charli are pretty close and they spend many days running and playing.

Charli can call Thor and he comes running, most of the time. In fact Thor is usually right beside her. And he usually sleeps on Charli’s head, or close by. Thor hasn’t learned how to text or use you tube yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him watching something soon.

Thor getting comfortable

Charli loves to play and has a vivid imagination. Sometimes she will use blankets and furniture to build a fort, or cave, or house, or whatever she decides to call it. Then her and Thor have a new home to play in. She is part of the reason that I don’t post more often on here. She keeps this old man busy, and a little younger.

She doesnt realize it and may never realize it, but she is a huge blessing in our lives. Both my wife and myself regularly thank God for allowing us to be a part of Charli’s life. God is soooooo good!