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Finally February

It’s finally February. February 10th to be exact. I have been doing my impersonation of a black bear. I’ve been hibernating since late fall. Haven’t done much and haven’t been on here. I always dread late fall because I know the winter is coming. And as I’ve gotten older I have lost my enthusiasm for winter weather. When I was younger I would be very excited when the weather buy would predict snow. I couldn’t wait to get out in the old 4 wheel drive and have a little fun in the snow. Going places just to see if I could get there and back without calling for help. Now, I dread the snow and even though I still have and old Ford Expedition 4 wheel drive, I just can’t get excited. It’s more of an inconvenience now than fun. I get cold, and when I fall it hurts a lot more. So much for getting older.

But now it’s finally February. That means that spring is coming and the dark days of winter and January are slowly fading away. I’m now looking forward to warmer weather and sunny days. Can’t beat a combination like that. And the days are beginning to get noticeably longer. I don’t like it getting dark at 5 pm, it’s much better later in the day.

Anyway, that’s enough complaining. I sincerely hope you have had a great January/winter and that all is well. Remember that Jesus loves ya and that He paid it all on the cross. Have a great day.

Jesus paid for our sins……..
 knowing that Christ, having been raised from the dead, dies no more. Death no longer has dominion over Him. For the death that He died, He died to sin once for all; but the life that He lives, He lives to God.

Romans 6:9-10

My Personal Lighthouse

Photo by Anand Dandekar on

Isn’t it pretty? There’s something about a lighthouse scene that is relaxing and peaceful. The waters are calm, the sky is gorgeous and even the rocks around the lighthouse seem to be inviting you to sit and relax as you ponder the big things of life. Or at least that’s what this scene does for me.

But what if I was in a ship just off the shore in the middle of the night. And just for our thoughts, what if it was stormy and very dark. I’ve been in darkness so dark you could not literally see your hand in front of your face even though you knew it was there. Then the scene changes. The lighthouse becomes only a light that shines in the darkness. You can’t see the choppy waters or the rocks that threaten to attack your boat or even make your boat crash. But you see the light and you know by the light where you are.

That’s a pretty good visual of a Christian life. At least my Christian life. I’ll be cruising along enjoying the trip and then a storm comes up. Suddenly it gets dark and I find myself not knowing which way to turn. BUT, if I can remember to look up to Jesus, then just like the lighthouse, Jesus is the light shining INTO my darkness. He takes care of me and leads me to safety. Everytime. He’s never failed and He won’t ever fail me.

Jesus Christ is my personal lighthouse.

Do you know Jesus? He will do the same for you. Have a good day.

Amazing Song

This past Sunday we were blessed to have the Jason Lovins Band with us at our church. If you don’t know this band, you need to spend some time getting to know them and being blessed by their music. I first heard them a few years ago and have loved their music ever since the first song I heard them play. But more than that, I’m impressed by their service and love for Jesus.

During the Sunday morning service, they sang a song titled “I Wanna Be Known”. During the song my wife leaned over and said that she loved the song and that she wanted her life to be known for what she has done for others and for Jesus. I thought I would share it here and I truly hope you enjoy.

If you get a chance to attend a concert with Jason, I strongly encourage you to go. You will be blessed.

Out On The Grill

First grill of the summer!

This photo kind of represents two different things. First I love to grill on Weber grills and this is the first time I’ve used mine since last fall, so it felt good to be out and have something on the grill again. Second those steaks were good and the vegetables were pretty good too. First time that I’d made vegetables on the grill. I had always meant to do that but for some reason just never had.

I think the best thing that this picture represents to me is that God has blessed me once again. I came down with the covid-19 virus on Thanksgiving Day.  I went to the hospital and they admitted me and I stayed there for seven days. I was in a covid-19 isolation unit which was not a lot of fun.  No visitors could come to see me or anything like that and everybody that came in had to be suited up so that they didn’t catch the covid-19 virus. After I was able to come home I was still on oxygen 24/7. I had to constantly be fed oxygen because the O2 levels in my blood were low. Being at home and stuck on oxygen was really lonely. Everybody would leave and go to work or whatever they had to do and that would leave me here with my oxygen  concentrator, and it wasn’t much company.

Eventually my 02 levels began to hold and I was able to come off of the oxygen 24/7. I still have to use it at night when I sleep but I’m not on it during the day. Thank God for that! The photo above is the first time I’ve used the grill this year and it’s a testament to the faithfulness of God. He lets us do things and he lets us enjoy things that lot of times we take for granted. Like being able to enjoy grilling food. Seems like such a simple thing but I couldn’t do it for almost 3 months on account of the oxygen that I had to have. But now I can go back and grill again and I thank God for giving me back that little piece of my life.

Covid-19 was not fun but I’m glad that for now, it’s behind me. I don’t know what’s in my future, no one does. Except God. But I do know that whatever my future holds God is going to be there to help me to deal with it and to help me to move on. And I hope he has a couple of steaks with some veggies on the grill too. I hope everyone reading this has stayed away from all the virus stuff and I hope everybody’s been healthy.  Y’all have a good day and may God bless.

Early morning

I was just getting up and beginning to get my wits about myself when I heard the lawn mowers outside. The guys showed up early today. They wanted to get an early start to their day, so they did.

Now they are gone. They went to other jobs that were waiting. And I’m here with my morning routine completely rearranged. I’ll be ok, just have to restart my day.

That’s how life is. We get com cc zfortable with our routine, then something happens and our routine is tossed out because life has thrown us a curve. We respond to whatever life has thrown at us and deal with it. Then later we get settled into another routine. It may be different than the old one, but it’s still a routine.

In my life, I’ve had lots of curves come along. Things would be moving along just fine then something would happen and all my plans would be gone. People die, jobs change, your health changes, and there’s many more things that can happen.

That’s why I’m glad to have Jesus in my life. He helps pick me up, dusts me off and helps me to get back on the right path for my life. He doesn’t magically take away the pain and suffering, but he helps me to go through the pain and suffering. He lifts me up. He cares for me.

I didn’t mean to post anything this morning. But isn’t it great how that a little routine interruption caused this small testimony to be here. I hope you gave a blessed day.

It’s a wonderful day!