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Posts that highlight my attempts at digital photography.

Old Barns

A little blue sky, a little green field, a small patch of woods and an old barn.

When I first saw this old barn, the first thing I thought was that it was just an old barn. There was nothing that really grabbed my attention except for the fact that it was standing all alone, surrounded by the trees. I liked the way the boards had been angled on the walls and the red tin roof served to make it all complete. So I decided to capture the shot if, for no other reason, just to have the photo. It really didn’t strike me as something special.

But then, a while later, I was going through the photos on my computer and found the old barn. I started to look at it and did a little editing to help bring out some of the colors. Then it was cropped to help the composition. And before I knew it, I had a photo that I wanted on the wall of my house. I ended up ordering it in a 16×20 metallic paper print that makes all the detail and color pop. And it’s really pleasing to me when I view it. Just looking at the print brings joy to my heart.

Different barn, same day

This second barn was just down the road a little way from the other barn. I liked the way this one also sat at the edge of a small patch of woods and the way the tree branches hung down from where I was standing. Again, there was nothing about this shot that really grabbed your attention, but I liked it so I took it and went on my way.

Then, just like the other barn photo, I did some editing. First I added some detail, did some cropping and made a few adjustments to the lighting and after some editing, I found another pic of an old barn that I really liked. This one is different due to the look that the increased details added, but I think its got a good look. It pleases me and that’s what I was after.

Both of these photos lived in my computer for a while. The basics of the photos were there but they needed some work to really make them pleasing to me. In a way, my walk with God has been like that. I wasn’t perfect and was a long way from fitting the description of Christian. But over time, God has edited me. He’s removed some things, He’s added other things and has brought me out of things that were harmful. God has also taken care of me during sickness and He even delivered me from what the doctors thought was certain death. And He has not only delivered me that time but He has protected me so many times even when I didn’t know I needed protection. In other words, He has kept me and He has been so very faithful.

But still, I’m not perfect and there are things in my life that need some work. But I know that God will keep and sustain me. He has promised that He would never leave me nor forsake me. And sometime in the future, God will look at me and decide I’m a finished work. Then He’ll take me home to live forever with Him in heaven.

Now, isn’t that a most wonderful thought?

Old Fashioned Revival

Here’s a post about an old fashioned revival at Higher Ground Baptist in Kingsport, Tennessee. In addition to the prayers that God would send revival, there was a huge amount of work that went into the preparations for this revival. First was setting up the tent, a stage had to be made, chairs placed, a generator set up to provide electricity for sound and lights and many other things. I guess that’s one thing that made it old fashioned. Several people were involved in the preparations and not just showing up to hear a preacher. It seems that today we are so rushed that we barely have time to go to church. But here is an event that has God’s people working together asking God to work in their lives and the life of our church family. Pastor Ronnie brought sermons that challenged our faith from the beginning point of salvation all the way through to living Godly lives. The weather was great and God truly blessed us with His presence. Some folks were saved, some were challenged and wanted to draw closer to God as they walk through life with Him. One answered a call to the ministry during this revival. All these are elements of what most remember as old fashioned revivals. God working and calling people into a relationship with Him. All in all, there’s a lot to be said for God’s people working together and seeking God’s presence in our lives.

Here’s a link to all the photos that I have of the revival. God Bless.

Mountain Top

This is an image that I got a few years ago from Clingman’s Dome on top of the Smoky Mountains in East Tn. It was a good clear day and I was blessed with several clouds to enhance the photo in the blue sky. The processing is a mostly Lightroom and some slight HDR effects with Photoshop. This is the first of a plan to use me images to decorate our new kitchen. I hope to challenge myself from time to time to go to a particular place and take a particular photo for the kitchen. Should be fun. I hope you enjoy the Mountain Top as much as I do. Thanks for looking.



A Look Back

For a while now I have been wanting to just get out ramble around and take some photos with no rhyme or reason. Haven’t found the time to do that though so I’m gonna post these. This will have to do for now, but I hope to get time to get out and take some new photos soon. I guess I’m getting a little nostalgic today or maybe just don’t want the cold weather of winter to come. Whatever it is, here’s some of my old shots of dowtown Rogersville, Tennessee.

Just a Swinging……

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Got a chance to spend a little time in the park with the grand kids today.  Wasn’t there long but I did manage to get a few shots of the youngest one on the swing. She was tired but she really enjoyed the ride. While she was swinging, I decided to see what I could capture in a few of the moment shots. I made sure my exposure was right and a f-stop of 7.1 to help with the depth of field as she was swinging. Then I just held the camera down low and aimed it at her. Worked pretty good. I was hoping I was getting the flag in the right place and for the most part I was happy. I used the on camera flash just because it was mid-afternoon and the angle of the sun was slightly behind her. By setting the correct manual exposure and having the on camera flash set for a balance fill, I was able to get these shots.  Then it was just a little post processing in LR and I was pleased with the results. So don’t forget to use the unusual angles and the elements you have on hand in your photos.

Downtown Rogersville

One of the areas that has always grabbed my attention is street photography. The images are usually a photo of people who are not aware of a photographer and they are just going about their day. Whether it’s walking on a beach, sitting on a park bench or attending a public gathering, the shots attempt to capture a moment in time.

Living in Rogersville, I don’t get the opportunity for images like that often. Most people are busy going here and there and don’t usually stop to just take in the day or just hang out for a moment.

Today, I got the opportunity to photograph a gentleman who comes to Rogersville often and he usually is just walking through. You’ll see him several places around town and I’ve never seen him drive a car and he always has a couple of bags with him. So I took the opportunity and made a few images of this interesting person. I tried to capture a moment in time and then give it a special look that I hope will help you see moments like this differently in the future.  I believe that we all tell a story even when we aren’t talking. I hope you enjoy them.

The Lord’s Prayer in Big Red Valley

Here’s the story about how this prayer ended up on this photo. First I wanted to try to capture the scene as the sun went down over the Friday night football game. This is what I call small town USA Friday nights. This year at the first home game and for the first time ever, they had a “moment of silence” at the start of the game instead of the traditional prayer. This upset some of the local people who responded by quietly and reverently reciting what we know as “The Lord’s Prayer” during this moment of silence. I haven’t been at the game when this has taken place but I understand that several people take part in reciting the prayer.

So, that was the inspiration for adding the prayer to this photo. And I think it turned out great. I will admit I am partial to the photo and the prayer. So I love it.

Friday Night In Red Valley

I decided to try my hand and camera at capturing the look and feel of Friday night football in Red Valley. The Cherokee Chiefs were playing and it was a beautiful evening and that helped me to get this shot. The children in the photo had been playing and I thought the chairs they had set out would be a nice addition, but having them sitting there watching the game was a bonus. Hope you enjoy and feel free to leave a comment. The image is the result of 5 different images stacked together. The first was 2 stops under exposed, then the second was 1 stop underexposed. Third was correctly exposed and the last two were 1 over and then 2 over. Then the images were stacked in photoshop. By taking several images at different exposures, I was able to capture the range of lights that were visible. I tried to take all 5 images while the teams were lined up for a kickoff. But I still got some ghosting of the players due to movement. But it was fun trying and I’ll have to try again someday.

Friday Night in Red Valley
Watching The Game