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Out On The Grill

First grill of the summer!

This photo kind of represents two different things. First I love to grill on Weber grills and this is the first time I’ve used mine since last fall, so it felt good to be out and have something on the grill again. Second those steaks were good and the vegetables were pretty good too. First time that I’d made vegetables on the grill. I had always meant to do that but for some reason just never had.

I think the best thing that this picture represents to me is that God has blessed me once again. I came down with the covid-19 virus on Thanksgiving Day.  I went to the hospital and they admitted me and I stayed there for seven days. I was in a covid-19 isolation unit which was not a lot of fun.  No visitors could come to see me or anything like that and everybody that came in had to be suited up so that they didn’t catch the covid-19 virus. After I was able to come home I was still on oxygen 24/7. I had to constantly be fed oxygen because the O2 levels in my blood were low. Being at home and stuck on oxygen was really lonely. Everybody would leave and go to work or whatever they had to do and that would leave me here with my oxygen  concentrator, and it wasn’t much company.

Eventually my 02 levels began to hold and I was able to come off of the oxygen 24/7. I still have to use it at night when I sleep but I’m not on it during the day. Thank God for that! The photo above is the first time I’ve used the grill this year and it’s a testament to the faithfulness of God. He lets us do things and he lets us enjoy things that lot of times we take for granted. Like being able to enjoy grilling food. Seems like such a simple thing but I couldn’t do it for almost 3 months on account of the oxygen that I had to have. But now I can go back and grill again and I thank God for giving me back that little piece of my life.

Covid-19 was not fun but I’m glad that for now, it’s behind me. I don’t know what’s in my future, no one does. Except God. But I do know that whatever my future holds God is going to be there to help me to deal with it and to help me to move on. And I hope he has a couple of steaks with some veggies on the grill too. I hope everyone reading this has stayed away from all the virus stuff and I hope everybody’s been healthy.  Y’all have a good day and may God bless.

Just Thinking Out Loud

Hickory smoked ribs.

I’ve got a lot of friends on Facebook that have gotten tired of Facebook, so they’re moving around to different social sites trying to find something that they would use.

That got me to thinking that it may be time for me to dust off this WordPress site and start using it everyday, or at least every week. I promised myself I was going to do great things with this site but so far I haven’t done anything great with it. For that matter I haven’t done much mediocre with it either.

So I posted a picture of my hickory smoked ribs and that pic was all it took to make me want some ribs. So I guess I’ll hang it up for now and maybe go fire the grill up. I’ve been spending a lot of time with the grill out back trying to find myself. So far I’ve found ribs, pork butts, burgers, all kinds of appetizers plus a few pounds that I’ve kept on myself. So we’ll see what happens here. Y’all have a good day and if you like those ribs leave a kind comment.